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Syllabi (Click the image to download)

Derek Newman-Stille: 

"Werewolves as Symbols of the Human Experience" (English First-Year Seminar Syllabus)

Debra Best:

"The Monsters of Medieval England" (Article and Course Outline from Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Teaching)

Joseph Nagy:

"The Monstrous and the Marvelous in Myth" (Undergraduate Medieval English Syllabus)

Karma de Gruy:

"Monsters in Literature" (Writing Syllabus)

Asa Simon Mittman:

"Art History Issues, Monsters & the Monstrous" (Undergraduate Art History Syllabus)

Nancy McLoughlin: "History 70B: Problems in European History, Monsters and Borders"

(History Syllabus)

Diane Cady: "Monster Theory" (Undergraduate English Literature & Theory Syllabus)


  • Karra Shimabukuro's "Here Be Monsters" Survey of Early English Literature
  • Eileen Joy's "Medieval Supernatural" Seminar
  • A Blog of Beasts' Animals Syllabus
  • Reid and Weiss' "The Borders & Boundaries of Humanity" Philosophy and Literary Studies Seminar

Larissa "Kat" Tracy: "Monstrous Medievalisms: Misappropriations of the Middle Ages" (Undergraduate Medieval Studies Syllabus)

Renée Ward:

"Violence, Identity, and Change: The Werewolf Renaissance of the 12th Century"

Renée Ward:

"Humans, Monsters and Machines: Culture and Identity, Medieval to Modern" (Undergraduate Medieval Literature & Medievalisms Syllabus)

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